5 Tips For How To Travel With Kids

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It’s hard to know how to travel with kids sometimes, especially when the trip is long. They so easily get bored and cross, especially when they are stuck in their seat for a long time in a car or airplane.

It’s difficult for kids to stay in one position in one place for a long time. They’re naturally so active, and they have a short attention span. They also get hungry suddenly and want food fast. So the answer to how to travel with kids happily is to keep their stomachs full and their minds (and if possible, bodies) entertained.

Use these 5 tips to prepare for your trip and you should find things go much better next time!

1. Take A Bag For Each Child

It’s a good idea to pack a separate small bag for each child so they have their own things. They may like to pack it themselves, but you’ll want to check they haven’t forgotten anything important.

Vital things to take along are each child’s favourite stuffed animal toy and/or comfort blanket, a few toys, snacks and water in a spillproof bottle. Bits of food may end up all over the car and you have to weight up whether you prefer that or stopping and having them get out of the car each time they want to eat.

2. Find Some Toys Designed For Traveling

It’s worth getting some toys that are specially designed for long car journeys, like Seat Pets. There’s now a Seat Pets UK supply. These stuffed animal toys fit around the child’s seat belt to stop them complaining of discomfort and they even have a cavity inside so kids can keep their other toys or a water bottle inside them.

For older kids who can play together, you might want to purchase travel versions of Scrabble and other classic games. These have pieces that stick or hook into the board so the board can be passed around without all the pieces falling off.

3. Pick Up Some New Movies Or Activity Books

Getting some new activity books for your children to colour pictures or figure out problems and puzzles can be a big hit with kids who like doing these things. Make sure they are new, so it’s more exciting for the child. Surf through the toy reviews here: www.10topchristmastoys.co.uk

Be sure to remember the pens (or crayons, if you have light coloured car fittings) and something for each child to lean on, like a tray or a hard book. If you take trays they can double as a table for meals and snacks.

Just keep in mind that activities where kids have to look at a page or screen for a long time may be more likely to bring on travel sickness in children who are susceptible to it.

4. Give Each Child A Camera

A cheap disposable camera can be hugely fun for a child. You’ll want to make sure they understand it before you set off, especially if the driver is the only adult in the car. You may want to encourage them to save some for when they’ve arrived, or take pictures of things they’ve never seen before rather than having 20 pictures of their own toes … but in the end, whatever they want to do with it will be fun.

Of course you’ll need to have the pictures developed so the child can see how they turned out. Another option is a cheap digital camera for each child so they can edit out the repeated pictures and keep only the best ones to post online or print out.

5. Electronic Options

Of course, there’s also technology. Kids can entertain themselves for hours with a handheld video console or an in-car DVD player. Even their favourite story or songs on a CD in the in-car sound system can help stave off boredom.

Don’t forget the accessories that these items need: spare batteries, a charger, leads, headphones or whatever.

In summary, it’s really not so difficult to keep kids happy when you’re travelling. You just need to plan ahead. Let kids have plenty of different activities within their reach, and don’t forget their favourite comfort toys to remind them of home. With luck and some good planning, they won’t notice how long they’ve been stuck in the car and you’ll have found the solution to how to travel with kids.

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    1. Thanks for taking the pictures. Brookie had a fun time doing it and all the pictures turned out great. I cannot wait for you to get back down here so we can do some with me where I am camera ready! lol Anyway, thanks again and Im glad we got to see each other.

  1. I would say give yourselves at least 50% more time to arrive at the airport and such than if you were alone. That way, you can let the kid look around the airport which they will be longing to do, you are not always rushing them to the next thing, you are less stressed yourself, the kids don’t get stressed and they are much more likely to enjoy the flight and not scream.

    1. Kitchen Tip: Clean as you go, it just makes life easier and when someone pokes their head in to see what smells so good it does look like you’re cooking up a hurricane.

  2. I go crazy with kids in the car for a long time because they get sick if they look at a movie or a game or a book and what else can you give them? they get so bored and then they just whine the whole time.

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